Welcome to CRAFT SODA & CRAFT LEMONADE. Passionately craft brewed soft drinks with rich amounts of fresh fruits & herbs – 100% organic … naturally!

For many years, we have been looking for some more interesting, natural and great tasting soft drinks beyond the conventional big commercial brands. But it has been quite difficult to find some good credible alternatives, especially organic ones.

That’s why we have developed CRAFT SODA & CRAFT LEMONADE. We believe it is time for more authentic, all natural soft drinks with truly fresh and fruity taste. Yet, also slightly more rich in flavor, a bit more “adult” and interesting. A truly tasty and refreshing non-alcoholic drink to enjoy with good conscience and in line with a healthy & responsible lifestyle

We developed CRAFT SODA & CRAFT LEMONADE as new genuine alternatives – with or without bubbles. A delightfully fresh & fruity 100% organic soft drink. Treated with rich amounts of Mother Nature’s best fresh organic fruits and herbs. Passionately brewed in a traditional simple “back to basics” manner. No concentrates, aromas, additives, artificials, citric acid or ascorbic acid allowed. Focus on the best quality and superior organic taste – No compromises!

We want CRAFT SODA & CRAFT LEMONADE to be a truly tasty choice to feel good about for yourself and your loved ones. A naturally refreshing treat for the good times with family and friends – with or without food.

Gently flip the bottle two times before opening to get the full taste of all the delicious fruit and herb sediments inside. Enjoy ice cold and taste the difference. CHEERS!

We hope you will enjoy our 100% organic soft drinks passionately craft brewed to deliver extraordinary and a bit more “grown up” taste experiences:

Please note Craft Brew no. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 8 are core variants. No. 7 & 9 are seasonal variants and will be available as seasonal fruits allow.

Try them out and pick the taste of your choice!

Find our control report here: